About Project Smart Explorer

Project Smart Explorer shows you where to go

While conventional data bases only tell you where you are, ...

www.projectsmartexplorer.com shows you where to go to boost your growth and your hit rate 

www.projectsmartexplorer.com is the First Online & Smart Sales Pursuit Tool dedicated to the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industry.

www.projectsmartexplorer.com traces the 1000 most active projects above $100 milllions capital expenditure.

www.projectsmartexplorer.com scans the content of these projects

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can find all details about

  • Electricity: Cables, Lighting, Motors, Power systems, Switchgears, Transformers, UPS, …
  • Automation: DCS, Safety System, Management System, Control System, Scada, ...
  • Instrumentation: Analyzers, Chromatographs, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, …
  • Telecommunication: Telecommunication System, PA/GA, Protection System, Security System, ...
  • Pumps & Valves: Actuators, Automatic On/Off Valves, Control Valves, Centrifugal Pumps, Axial Pumps, ...
  • Mechanical power equipment: Power generators, Emergency generators, Turbo generators, …

Engineering & Contractors can trace key packages

  • E-Buildings
  • I-Buildings
  • T-Buildings
  • Shelters
  • Installation Packages
  • Power Generation
  • Water Plants

Market Analysts can assess projects development

  • Projects Time Frame
  • Capacity
  • Risks evaluation


More than the most advanced Data Base – A Management tool


                                                 “See beyond and Move first”

                                            A smart solution by 2B1st Consulting

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