Project Smart Explorer is a tool ...
... 2B1st Consulting carries on the process to become market leader


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2B1st Consulting proposes 3 levels of expertise toward Market Leadership

1. Strategic level > To show you where to go
Positioning & Value Proposition, Push-Pull strategies,
Top-Down & Bottom-up approaches           
2. Tactical level > To optimize resources
Account Management, Budgetary process, Action plan road map
3. Operational level > To sell more
Project pursuit, Capture Team selling, Customer loyalty

 2B1st Consulting can support you to adapt the "Future of Manufacturing" concepts into the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector


From its multi-sources expertise, 2B1st Consulting developed simple solutions around a Digital Engineering Platform.

The purpose of this Digital Engineering Platform is to support all the processes related to:

 - Reduce projects costs and lead times

 - Optimize Packaging offers

 - Develop local content solutions

 - Drive collaborative innovation (aggregation of circulating ideas and its protection)


We simplify you the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market conquest



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