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As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) you want to know

  • How much business you can expect for you
  • When you can expect it
  • Where to influence technical specifications and vendors lists

We evaluate your Products & Systems Packages in KUSD provides you with budget estimation in KUSD of your Products & Systems packages

  • Electricity: Cables, Lighting, Motors, Power systems, Switchgears, Transformers, UPS, …
  • Automation: DCS, Safety System, Management System, Control System, Scada, ...
  • Instrumentation: Analyzers, Chromatographs, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, …
  • Telecommunication: Telecommunication System, PA/GA, Protection System, Security System, ...
  • Pumps & Valves: Actuators, Automatic On/Off Valves, Control Valves, Centrifugal Pumps, Axial Pumps, ...
  • Mechanical power equipment: Power generators, Emergency generators, Turbo generators, …

We show you where to go guides you toward the best opportunities for growth per

  • End Users
  • Engineering Companies
  • Country
  • Application
  • Standards
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Year

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