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2B1st Consulting is a family company developing digital solutions coupled with methods for enterprises to work more efficiently.

2B1st Consulting is composed of international Experts of the Energy Digitalization with the support of an in-house digital factory.


“See Beyond, Move First”

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Back in 2010 our founder JC Guilhem was ABB Global VP Oil Gas Petrochemical and looking for an efficient way to trace this market and drive his team with foresight.

Unsuited by existing solutions, he decided to leave his position and create a tool easing the Oil Gas and Energy market to help contractors and vendors adopt a pro active business development approach.

Jean-Charles Guilhem
Jean-Charles Guilhem
Jean Guilhem
Jean Guilhem
Operations Director

Business Intelligence
for the Energy Market

Launched in 2012 from this impulse, www.projectsmartexplorer.com is the result of a reverse engineering work conducted by experts of the energy sector.

Evaluating the 1500 most active projects of the Oil Gas Petrochemical and Energy industry, Project Smart Explorer facilitates the business development.

Tracing projects from early phase users detect all the trends and opportunities on the market upfront, to lead the project pursuit end-to-end.

Adopting our database and market approach, capture teams turn pro-active and can only chase projects matching with the company’s expertise.

Playing pro active contractors and vendors becomes more efficient and successful at the same cost thanks to comprehensive business intelligence.

Business Intelligence for the Energy Market

Project Smart Explorer is the leading database for business intelligence regarding Oil &Gas, Petrochemical and Energy markets.

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